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Ultrasonic Cleaning – Minimize your Basket, Maximize Cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Waves

Ultrasonic cleaning is an increasingly popular manner to clean parts. Ultrasonic cleaners can be small bench-top units to larger industrial immersion tanks.  The mechanics of the cleaning process are the same. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves transmitted through a liquid tank to softly and powerfully loosen and scrub particles from parts.   The soundwaves propagate… Read more »

Would You Rather Get What You Want Or Search ‘Close Enough’ Alternatives?

  Have you ordered from an industrial supply site, such as Northern Tool,  Fastenal, McMaster Carr, or Grainger?  Do you use these catalog sites to purchase your wire mesh baskets?   If you do, you are most likely accepting an alternative to what you really want and spending way too much valuable time searching for that… Read more »