Posted: 09-08-2020

Would You Rather Get What You Want Or Search ‘Close Enough’ Alternatives?

Source: Sept 8, 2020


Have you ordered from an industrial supply site, such as Northern Tool,  Fastenal, McMaster Carr, or Grainger?  Do you use these catalog sites to purchase your wire mesh baskets?   If you do, you are most likely accepting an alternative to what you really want and spending way too much valuable time searching for that ‘ok fit’ alternative to what you need.

As an engineer or production leader, you understand your application and process, knowing best the dimensions, material, and mesh sizing you need!  Why would you use that specific knowledge to then go to a bulk listing website choosing the closest thing that fits!

Don’t choose the best alternative, choose what you need and get your basket made to your specifications from  Our website was designed to simplify searching multiple sites to compare and hope to find what you need. offers you your basket in the material and size you need.

Workmanship is core to our Made in the USA baskets.  We take pride in using quality materials and producing each basket to specification using good manufacturing best practices.  Some of the inventory that you find on the large catalog sites could come with an attractive price but for what cost on quality.  Squared, matching, and correct dimensions are expected from any basket – as seen below, this may not be the case.

Source:, Sept. 8, 2020


You may need to wait for up to two-weeks to get the exact basket, but it will be what you need built to be a durable product for years.    If you need it right away, our site does offer limited sizes ready to ship!  When using the catalog sites, we warn not to believe that ‘in-stock’ means you are getting it next day… One of our customers bought from us after having this negative experience when buying a basket from a large catalog site which was said to be in-stock.  There is experience was that shortly after ordering the catalog website sent another email stating that their ordered in-stock product would be delayed almost two-weeks – not exactly, in-stock.

Source: Client email from Global Industrial, May 2020.


In short, ensure you get what you want and not what ‘might fit’ your need… Go with