Get Easy Cleaning and Lower Costs With Custom Dip and Drain Baskets

Keeping consumable costs to a minimum is crucial for making a profit in any industry. Parts cleaning solutions are necessary for ensuring components are free of contaminants or chemicals before final assembly, so manufacturers and repair and restoration experts do their best to use every drop of these valuable solutions. A custom dip and drain wire basket is a simple, economical way to accomplish this goal.

AnySizeBasket and parent company Three M Tool have a rich background in providing industrial wire baskets to customers in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries. Every basket we make uses premium materials and industry-leading assembly and welding techniques for a product that will survive chemical exposure and repeated use in even the harshest shop environment.

Our custom dip and drain wire basket designs are made with high-quality 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Offering woven or welded wire lining and integrated feet and handles, our designs make ideal solvent or car parts cleaning baskets for repair and restoration work.

Our clever dip and drain wire basket design includes flip-out feet for stability in multiple configurations. Once you’ve used the integrated loop handle to swirl your parts and dislodge any grime, you can simply flip out the feet for a secure rest on your cleaning bucket. The remaining solvent will drain away for later use, leaving you with clean, ready-to-use parts. Our custom cleaning and restoration baskets are stable with the feet extended or tucked beneath the body.

See a Fast Custom Quote for Your Dip and Drain Basket Design

Available in 2-gallon, 3.5-gallon, and 5-gallon configurations, one of our designs will serve any parts cleaning need while preserving your solvent supply. Start by selecting the size that will fit your application. The mesh lining is available in woven or welded wire, allowing you to choose the amount of open area you need to ensure adequate parts cleaning.

While our custom stainless steel dip and drain baskets are made to work with standard buckets, we also provide the option of ordering a matching bucket so you can have a comprehensive cleaning system delivered to your door. Once you select your options, the custom quote for your dip and drain basket will appear in the “Price” field.

Whether you want a carburetor cleaning basket or a simple dip and drain system for small parts, you can choose the custom dip and drain wire basket design that works for you.

Stop Making a Mess on the Floor Dip and Drain Baskets are the cleanest, easiest way to manually wash dirty or oily parts.

  • Simply fill the basket with parts, dip the basket into a bucket of cleaning solution, swirl and dunk the part to clean, then flip out the Dip and Drain Feet to support the basket over the bucket while they drain.
  • Our elegantly simple Dip and Drain Feet swing under to let the basket be dipped into a standard-sized pail filled with solvent or cleaning solution. After dunking and swirling the basket to clean the parts, lift the basket and swing the feet back outward to support the basket just below the top rim of the bucket to let the parts drain. All of the extra solution drains back into the pail.
  • Because of the unique shape of the Flip Out Feet, the basket is stable with the feet out or with the feet tucked under the basket. The feet swing easily with spring catches to hold them in the “full out” and “tucked-under” positions.
  • Our rugged, industrial grade construction holds up to tough real world use.

Order a Dip and Drain Design From the Basket Experts

AnySizeBasket was created to make building and ordering a custom basket effortless. Once you’ve given us your specifications and generated a price, you’ll know the exact cost of your design. We have no minimum order and we offer free shipping in the continental U.S.

If you have any questions, our friendly customer service team will be happy to provide more information. They can also direct you to Three M Tool if you need a stainless steel dip and drain basket to suit unique requirements. Our knowledgable engineers have years of experience creating clever parts management solutions for virtually any industry and application.

If your job demands the best basket designs in the business, please reach out and see what we can do for you.

Need More Customization To Your Basket?

We’ll work with you to design and manufacture a basket tailored to your application.