Do you need a standard or custom engineered wire basket solution?

Which will best suit your needs? Learn more below:

Standard Baskets

Made-to-order baskets available in a variety of standard shapes, sizes & options. is home to our catalog of standard, made-to-order wire and mesh baskets. Choose from a variety of pre-engineered designs and a wide menu of material, lining, lid and handle options.

  • Best for simple applications that are not highly-specialized
  • All products are designed and produced by Three M Tool, our parent company and expert engineer basket manufacturer
  • Free shipping
  • No minimum order
  • Most orders ship within 2 weeks
  • Several ready-to-ship products offered


Custom-Engineered Wire Baskets

We’ll work with you to design and manufacture a basket tailored to your application.

Have requirements not met by standard basket designs? Need a wire or mesh solution to a complex or highly-specialized problem? Let Three M Tool’s experts engineer a custom product that’s specific to you.

  • Best for complex needs & specialized applications
  • Fully-customized solutions made in direct collaboration with you & your needs
  • Can include non-standard features such as unique sizes/shapes, interior components, higher tolerances, surface coatings/finishes, etc.
  • Some projects may have an order minimum
  • Most orders ship in 4-8 weeks


Not sure what you need? We can help.

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Custom engineering team

Three M Tool’s Custom Engineering Process

As parent company to AnySizeBasket, Three M Tool’s custom engineering process is a reflection of 75 years of comprehensively meeting the needs of our clients, helping them to overcome challenges and solve problems. The multi-disciplinary Three M Tool team will work closely with you to fully understand your needs and custom-engineer a design that balances performance, value, efficiency and quality via our four-step process:

  • Define your application & needs
  • Detailed design review
  • Digital modeling & design approval
  • Design production via CNC-machining