Industrial Spin Dryers and Chip Wringers Baskets

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Proven to work in New Holland and Desco spin dryers, as distributed by Lanco and Fanta equipment suppliers.
  • Several bottom and handle options to allow for easy unload and loading of parts
  • Evenly balanced to spin in a consistent and effective manner

Baskets for centrifugal part dryers, spin dryers, and chip wringers need to be very heavy duty construction to withstand heavy loads and forces during operation.  Spin dryers spin the baskets at several hundred RPM, so the baskets must have proper weight distribution to remain balanced.  Spin dryers have drive pins in the bottom of their chamber that engage drive bars in the bottom of the baskets to “spin” the baskets.  The drive bars on these basket are different than traditional rod bottom supports, and the drive bar’s size and placement are unique to each equipment manufacturer.

If you have question on the best fit for your spin dryer equipment, feel free to contact us.  Our friendly customer service staff will guide you to correct solution.

Click on one of the sizes or types above to Configure Basket to your needs, best matching your desired mesh and material.  Then set your purchase quantity.  Have your basket is two weeks.  Free Shipping in Continental US.

The standard offerings listed above fit most common machines. You can customize your spin dryer basket through choice of mesh lining and material.  Our stainless steel and carbon steel are built to match machine capacity.

Industrial Dryers and Chip Wringers

Industrial dryers from New Holland  or other manufacturers dry parts through both centrifugal force and suction.   The spinning action of the basket “throws off” excess water, oils, or rinses. While a fan mounted below the basket creates suction that pulls air through the part load for additional drying action. Our baskets allow for easy load and unloading before and after this process.

Chip wringers, made by New Holland, Desco, or others allow you to reclaim cutting oils from metal chips produced by a machining operation. Chip wringers use centrifugal force to spin cutting oil from a basket of chips – buy you basket from to be used in this application.

Need More Customization To Your Basket?

We’ll work with you to design and manufacture a basket tailored to your application.