Styles of Light Duty Wire Baskets:

Light Duty Industrial Wire Basket, No Lid

Light Duty Mesh Basket, No Lid (Style-N)

Light Duty Industrial Wire Basket with Hinged Lid

Light Duty Mesh Basket with Hinged Lid (Style-J)

Light Duty Industrial Wire Basket with Hinged Lid and Thumb Clasp

Light Duty Mesh Basket with Hinged Lid and Thumb Clasp (Style-L)

Step 01

Enter the Outside Dimensions


Step 02

Select Design Details

Light Duty Basket Mesh Lining Description

View linings available on this style of baskets.


Example: 2 Mesh x .063”, Welded Wire describes a mesh with 2 wires to the inch, each wire is .063” diameter, wires are Welded together.

  • MESH COUNT (or Mesh Size) is the number of wire per inch (in both the vertical and horizontal directions). The higher the Mesh Size, the more wires per inch, and the smaller the openings.
  • WIRE DIAMETER: Is the diameter of the individual wires in the mesh. The larger the wire diameter, the stronger (and heavier) the mesh will be.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Mesh is either Welded or Woven. Welded mesh has horizontal wires laying across vertical wires that are resistance welded each intersection. Woven mesh is woven like cloth. Welded mesh is smoother and stiffer, with more consistent openings. Whereas woven is more flexible and more durable in rough applications. Welded mesh is not generally available above a 4 mesh count.
  • DESIGN CONSIDERATION: The combination of Mesh Count and Wire Diameter creates the Opening Size and Open Area %.
    • Opening Size is the approximate distance between the mesh wires. All the meshes we use have a roughly square opening (same opening size up-down and left-right)
    • Open Area % is the percentage of the surface area that’s open (not blocked by the wires)
    • Choose a mesh with Opening Size smaller than the smallest parts, with the largest possible Open Area%.
    • The larger the wire diameter, the stronger (and heavier) the mesh will be.


Light Duty Basket Handle Style Description

Because of their light duty applications, no handles are offered on standard light duty baskets

Light Duty Basket Lid Style Description:

Light Duty Baskets can be ordered without lids or with hinged lids, and the lids can be either free swinging (no latches) or with light duty thumb clasps. All our lids will fit snugly to the basket, but these general duty lids may not fit tightly enough around the full perimeter to completely contain small or very thin parts through aggressive agitation. Alternate lid designs are available for more specialized applications.

Light Duty Basket Material Selection

Light Duty Baskets can be ordered in either 304 Stainless Steel or 316 Stainless Steel:

  • 304 Stainless Steel is the most common type of corrosion resistant steel. 304 will resist corrosion in most mildly caustic industrial applications.  304 has a good strength and resists oxidation up to 1600 degrees F (875 degrees C).
  • 316 Stainless Steel has a higher nickel content that makes it more corrosion resistant (and more expensive) than 304. 316 is a better choice for more caustic environments, and for prolonged exposure to salt water. 316 stainless has a good strength and resists oxidation up to 2000 degrees F (1100 degrees C).

Light Duty Basket Surface Finish Selection

Light Duty Baskets are available with either Natural or Electropolished Finish

Natural Finish: The natural condition of the base material.  All products are deburred to blend and smooth all sharp edges, but some discoloration around welds and light process oils will remain on the parts.

Electropolished Surface: (Stainless Steel only) An electro-chemical dipping process to remove all free iron from the top layer of material, leaving the surface very rich in nickel and chrome. The resulting surface is very smooth and shiny, with improved corrosion resistance. Electropolishing is recommended for any ultrasonic and vapor degreasing cleaning applications.

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