Posted: 10-26-2020

Ultrasonic Cleaning – Minimize your Basket, Maximize Cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Waves

Ultrasonic cleaning is an increasingly popular manner to clean parts. Ultrasonic cleaners can be small bench-top units to larger industrial immersion tanks.  The mechanics of the cleaning process are the same.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency sound waves transmitted through a liquid tank to softly and powerfully loosen and scrub particles from parts.   The soundwaves propagate through the immersion tank contacting the part in various angles and directions enabling the many crevices or pores of the object to be cleaned.  The sound wave energy uses the principle of cavitation, rapid change in pressure resulting in bubble formation, to create the cleaning power.  The process is effective and gentle.

Parts must be held and protected in a basket to immerse and remove them from the cleaning liquid.  The basket, just as the parts, is immersed and hit with the same cleaning energy.  To maximize cleaning of the parts, you want to minimize the cleaning or wave contact of the basket.  Thus, less is more in terms of the basket structure and design = a more open mesh basket.   The more you put into the tank, the less effective or longer the cleaning process will take.

Ultrasonic, Branson Basket

Each of our standard ultrasonic baskets are designed to maximize the cleaning power of the ultrasonic process.  Every basket has a stand-off bottom to better position the parts higher into the wave resonance, making for a more effective clean.  Lastly, our ultrasonic baskets hove our 304 Stainless Steel Electropolish finish.  This finish ensures that the basket is not adding any impurities to the cleaning liquid while allowing longer lasting life to the basket.  Each of our standard ultrasonic baskets are proven industrial designs, effectively used in cleaning.

For more than two decades, the team at have help to improve the cleaning capabilities for our clients through strong basket design and manufacturing. We are available to design part and application specific solutions if our standard baskets don’t fit your needs. We look to maximize your experience with minimal effort by you!