Ultrasonic Cleaning Baskets

  •  Designed with features to improve ultrasonic and vapor degreasing applications
  • Made from electropolished stainless steel for the smoothest and purest surface possible
  • Designed to be as light weight as possible to reduce the total mass in the cleaning chamber while still being sturdy enough for long service life
  • Some baskets are intended to rest on the bottom of the cleaning chamber. and have riser feet to elevate the parts out of the “sonic dead zone”
  • Several of the baskets have “TDR Handles” to interface with a Two Dimensional Robot (TDR) for automated tank loading.
  • The sizes and styles listed here are common to many cleaning applications.
  • These are “standard” parts.
  • No Minimum Order.
  • Typical manufacturing lead-time is 3 weeks.

Amplify Your Capabilities With a Ultrasonic Cleaning Basket

With their unique ability to work in crevices and narrow areas, ultrasonic cleaners excel at cleaning challenging parts. Using a custom basket to ensure your parts are correctly suspended in the tank will enhance this capability, helping you get the maximum benefit out of every cleaning run.

AnySizeBasket provides customers with proven, pre-engineered designs that can be personalized to fit unique requirements. Our stainless steel custom ultrasonic cleaning basket designs are available with multiple lining and handle styles to suit any parts cleaning application. Each design is engineered for an optimal balance of high strength and low mass, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your ultrasonic cleaning.

Add Advanced Features to Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Wire Basket Design

These custom stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning baskets are made with 304 stainless steel for exceptional resistance to cleaning solvents and a long service life. Since cleanliness is imperative to avoid compromising the ultrasonic tank, our custom ultrasonic cleaner baskets use only electropolished stainless steel. All joints and surfaces are precision TIG or resistance welded, then ground smooth for safety and durability.

AnySizeBasket offers multiple handle designs for maximum versatility. Our rectangular commercial ultrasonic cleaning basket uses an offset grab handle style to facilitate manual handling and precise parts suspension in cleaning tanks. We also have multiple baskets that are compatible with automation solutions, incorporating two-dimensional robot (TDR) handles for easy maneuvering by either humans or machines.

Our custom ultrasonic cleaning wire basket designs can be made with either welded or woven mesh in various sizes, allowing you to decide how much open area you want in the design. Baskets intended to rest on the bottom of the tank include risers to elevate parts to an optimal sonic cleaning level.

Additional Information

Ultrasonic Basket Lining Selection

For images of the linings available on this style of baskets

Wire Mesh:


Example: 2 Mesh x .063”, Welded Wire describes a mesh with 2 wires to the inch, each wire is .063” diameter, wires are Welded together.

  • MESH COUNT (or Mesh Size) is the number of wire per inch (in both the vertical and horizontal directions). The higher the Mesh Size, the more wires per inch, and the smaller the openings.
  • WIRE DIAMETER: Is the diameter of the individual wires in the mesh. The larger the wire diameter, the stronger (and heavier) the mesh will be.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Mesh is either Welded or Woven. Welded mesh has horizontal wires laying across vertical wires that are resistance welded each intersection. Woven mesh is woven like cloth. Welded mesh is smoother and stiffer, with more consistent openings. Whereas woven is more flexible and more durable in rough applications. Welded mesh is not generally available above a 4 mesh count.
  • DESIGN CONSIDERATION: The combination of Mesh Count and Wire Diameter creates the Opening Size and Open Area %.
    • Opening Size is the approximate distance between the mesh wires. All the meshes we use have a roughly square opening (same opening size up-down and left-right)
    • Open Area % is the percentage of the surface area that’s open (not blocked by the wires)
    • Choose a mesh with Opening Size smaller than the smallest parts, with the largest possible Open Area%.
    • The larger the wire diameter, the stronger (and heavier) the mesh will be.

Ultrasonic Basket Handle Style Selection

Design considerations:

  • Manual grab handles are intended for operators to move the baskets by hand
  • TDR (Two Dimensional Robot) handles are designed to interface with an automated robot. These handles are also suitable for moving by hand.

Tank Edge handles have an offset that supports the baskets on the edge of the appropriate cleaning tank.

See an Instant Custom Quote for Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Basket

Designed to make ordering custom products more accessible than ever before, the AnySizeBasket pricing tool requires only a few simple steps. Just select the basket design that fits your application and choose your preferred lining to see an immediate quote.

Shipping is free in the continental U.S. and we have no minimum order requirements, so what you see is what you pay. Our typical lead time on custom ultrasonic baskets is about three weeks.

With the right feature set, a sonic cleaning basket custom design will significantly improve the efficiency and efficacy of your cleaning process. If you need more information on how to design a custom ultrasonic cleaning basket for your specific parts cleaning needs, contact our friendly customer service team. The wire basket experts of AnySizeBasket will be happy to help you find what you need.

Best of all, if we don’t have your perfect basket yet, we’ll make it for you. Since 2002, our parent company Three M Tool has been creating unique custom wire basket designs for companies across multiple industries. Every design is made in the U.S. and exudes the premium quality that customers have come to expect from AnySizeBasket and Three M Tool.

If you’re ready to get more from your ultrasonic cleaner, contact us today and see what we can make for you.

Need More Customization To Your Basket?

We’ll work with you to design and manufacture a basket tailored to your application.