Rectangular Basket

#1216 Flat Basket with 17-1/4″ Handles

Price: $312.85$326.80

#1216 Flat Basket with 17-1/4″ Handles, 13-1/4″L x9″W x 6″H (approximate outside dimensions of mesh lined area excluding handles), 1/4″ dia. rod frame with 3/4″ ultrasonic riser feet, 3/8″ dia. rod 17-1/4″ tall (overall height) TDR Handles (for Manual tank loading or automated loading with a Two Dimensional Robot), all frame joints TIG welded, Lined with various mesh sizes listed below, Wire mesh lining fully resistance welded into the frame and ground smooth, All surfaces Electro-polished 304 Stainless Steel.

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