Work-In-Process and Storage

Tote Baskets

Great for in-plant part processing, material handling, WIP, and product shipment. Standard tote basket design provides stacking storage. Built for your needs and specifications.

Size: three size options
Styles: Expanded metal or welded wire mesh
304 Stainless or Carbon Steel (natural or zinc-plated) construction

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Spin Dryer


Great for industrial spin dryers, centrifugal dryers and chip wringers. Designed to fit New Holland, Desco, Nobles Spin Dryers.

Size: Common sizes for most brands
Styles: Fixed bottom, full drop bottom, and tilting dump
Carbon Steel or 304 Stainless Steel construction

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Dip and Drain

Baskets – Unique Design

Great for dipping and draining parts in a bucket of solvent or cleaning solution. Designed by Three M Tool for job shops.

Size: Standard 2-gallon and 5-gallon
Styles: Order with or without plastic bucket
304 Stainless Steel construction

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Ultrasonic Cleaning


Great for ultrasonic cleaning systems. Designed to enhance sonic penetration and particle flushing. Used in Branson, OmegaSonics, UltraSonicPower.

Size: Six standard sizes to choose
Styles: Mesh opening to match part needs
304 or 316 Stainless Steel construction

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