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Get stacking wire baskets built to your custom specifications by We offer virtually any combination of size, handle style, shape, material and mesh size, so you can get the product that's best suited to your needs. It's easy to order online with our design-your-own basket system, in which you can get real-time pricing for your custom design. For almost any application, in almost any industry, our custom stacking baskets are built tough, to your specifications, so you'll have years of trouble-free service.

Industry Applications

stacking baskets from

Our customers run the gamut from small- and medium-sized businesses to leading global manufacturers such as Honeywell, Whirlpool and Lockheed Martin. With hundreds of thousands of possible configurations available for our custom stacking baskets, our products have a wide variety of industry applications, including:

  • Aerospace: Our wire stacking baskets can be customized to accommodate even the most delicate aerospace parts. Common applications include etching, cleaning, sorting and sandblasting.
  • Automotive: We've supplied thousands of stacking baskets to several of the leading auto parts manufacturers. Our products are often used for high-pressure spray washing and ultrasonic cleaning of parts, as well as storing or transportation.
  • Heavy Industry: For general-purpose industrial applications, our stacking wire baskets are frequently used for degreasing, chemical dipping and ultrasonic cleaning.
If you have any questions about what our stackable baskets can and can't be used for, or about advanced customization options for industry-specific purposes, contact our customer service team today. One call puts you through directly to our York, PA-based office.

Quality Stacking Baskets You Can Trust

When you order a stacking wire basket from, you're getting a quality American-made product that can handle even the most punishing work environment. Our products are constructed with computer-controlled bending machines to meet your specifications exactly. The frame joints are TIG welded for strength, and the lining of your choice is then resistance-welded to ensure maximum durability. We're so confident in the quality of our baskets that we offer a full guarantee on all materials and workmanship.

Experience the Quality and Convenience of Ordering Online

Get instant pricing on a basket built to your exact specifications with our online ordering system. You specify the size, handle style, shape and materials you want, as well as any custom options such as lids and handles, and you'll receive a quote right away.

Fast Turnaround on all Custom Orders

We'll get you the stacking basket you need quickly with one of the shortest turnaround times in the business. All online orders are processed as soon as they're received. Any in-stock items will be shipped right away; in most cases, custom orders can be delivered within two weeks.

About Us is the storefront website of Three M Tool, an experienced manufacturer of custom stacking wire baskets. Since 1948, Three M Tool has been providing industrial metal fabrication for the most demanding clients in various industries. Discover for yourself the difference over 60 years of quality service makes! Visit our York, PA facility to take a tour and look at our fabrication process, here are directions.


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Three M Tool of York, Pennsylvania, manufactures custom wire baskets, racks and hydraulic cable cutters. For 50 years, our expert craftspeople have provided custom engineered material handling solutions to companies worldwide.
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