Metal Parts Cleaning Baskets

In-Stock Metal Baskets

A parts washer basket from can be a valuable asset in the ongoing quest to keep essential metal parts clean. All our parts cleaning metal baskets are manufactured from high-quality materials like carbon steel and stainless steel, and all materials and workmanship are guaranteed. Our parts washing stainless steel baskets are capable of withstanding the harmful effects of corrosion, ensuring they will provide many years of valuable service.

Choose a Round or Rectangular Metal Parts Cleaning Basket

At, you can select a round or rectangular parts cleaning metal basket. Dip and Drain baskets are also available and feature the unique "Flip Out Feet" to securely hold the basket on the rim of a bucket for easy and spill-free draining. Choose from our extensive parts washer basket in-stock inventory that offers a wide range of sizes and dimensions.

Design Your Own Metal Parts Cleaning Basket

Does your operation require a specific type of parts washer basket that may not be available from our in-stock inventory? has your perfect solution. By using our real-time online designing feature, you can easily create your own customized basket that serves your specific needs. You'll have the ability to choose the exact shape, dimensions, materials, lining size and type, and handle and lid options that you're looking for. There are no minimum order quantity requirements, and we can usually have customized parts cleaning metal baskets ready to ship in only two weeks.

Baskets Manufactured by Three M Tool

Our parts cleaning baskets are produced by Three M Tool, the leading industrial metal fabricator that supports Superior craftsmanship, convenience, speed of delivery and world-class customer service are just a few of the reasons why notable companies like Motorola, Westinghouse Electric, Bausch and Lomb, and many others have ordered from for medical and laboratory baskets, restaurant industry baskets, and ultrasonic cleaning baskets.


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